Little Liberty.

Little Liberty is a calm and nurturing environment for the youngest in our community from 15 months to 3 years. Our beautiful, dedicated space has been prepared to support the needs of young children are to safely explore, learn and socialise as they grow in independence and confidence.

At Little Liberty, resources for developing hand eye co-ordination, language and practical life activities are available for your child to explore. Our garden is an extension of the indoor space where children can challenge and develop their gross motor coordination and connect with nature.

The Montessori Environment for Toddlers.

Where else would a child be free to problem solve with concrete materials and begin to visualise abstract ideas, meeting their curiosity and building their creativity, whilst having lots of fun. The Montessori Materials are interactive, empowering exploration of varied and important concepts. By supporting children’s natural development within a peaceful, empathetic and kind environment, children flourish.

Our outdoor Garden Room is a vital aspect of our whole learning environment. The flowering plants, vegetable garden helps each child develop a bond with the natural world as they explore the garden.


Mixed Age Classrooms.

Our Montessori environment is a mixed age environment for children aged 15 months-3 years. The provides an environment that supports your child’s intellectual, emotional and social development over three years. Older children’s learning is strengthened by supporting the learning of the younger child, taking on leadership roles which enables them to gain confidence. Working alongside each other in a mixed age environment is a critical component of the Montessori learning community.


The Montessori Materials for Toddlers.

Beautifully made, the Montessori materials for children under three are specifically designed to facilitate hands on learning, providing a child with the opportunity to problem solve in their own way, discover and be curious.

At Little Liberty Montessori, these special materials support independence and concentration, particularly Practical life which engages a child in activities such as food preparation, gardening, simple cleaning activities, flower arranging and setting up tables for food.


Our Locations

Liberty is split between two locations - giving children the opportunity to grow in independence and confidence.